O.G. advice at its Finest!

Every uncle should give solid advice on life to the young people around them. That’s the type of program Unka Tony is on. A crazy surge in youth murders inspired Unka Tony to create songs that talk directly to the youth urging them to do the right things with their life.

Songs such as “You Aint Built For This” feature 2 of Unka’s fellow O.Gs who have both spent a great deal of time incarcerated in America’s prison system. One of these featured performers was on death row at 15 years old. The advice and guidance given in this one song is real talk and priceless.

Other songs such as “Bad Plans” and “U Can’t Run” both continue to offer solid guidance and clarity to the youth from an Uncle’s point of view, that listeners can reflect on and vibe out to.

The song “Lucky Ones” features vocals by Dani The Unicorn and is an inspirational song showing Unka Tony’s disdain for gun violence and white supremacy following the Buffalo NY mass shooting in 2022. The song ends up as a gangsta’s celebration of life and giving thanks to GOD for pulling him through the worse moments of his life. “It’s inspiring without being preachy” explains Unka Tony.

Unka Tony Want You to dance!

Unka Tony has original music to make you wanna shake and move it! From the pulsating European techno feel of “Amori Mia” to the sexy Spanish sway of “Salsa Dish” to the backyard BBQ dance favorite “Like Yo Auntie & Em” and his ode to the twerking women of the world “Get Yo Bag Baby” Unka Tony has got you covered on the dance floor and if you want in the workout room too. Graet uptempo songs to get you moving.

Download “Mobbin With The O.G.s”

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